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Why not use temporary methods?
Temporary methods such as tweezing, waxing, shaving, and dipilitories can irritate the skin and actually create increased hair growth. Tweezing and waxing especially cause injury to the follicle which can lead to distortion of the follicle leading to an increased incidence of ingrown hairs as well as an increased blood supply to the area causing a thicker, stronger hair to grow.
Why do I have superfluous hair?
Superfluous hair growth can be a result of normal biological changes that we experience through life such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. Excessive hair growth can also be due to such diverse factors as heredity, certain medications, and stress. Hair growth can also be linked to a dysfunction of the endocrine system such as irregular menstrual cycles, ovarian disorders, or thyroid disease.
Who can benefit from electrology?
Electrology is for everyone. All skin types as well as hair color can be treated. Electrology becomes a necessity for many who are discouraged with the unsuccessful results of temporary methods. Electrology is not only a solution to the problem of unwanted hair, but also a convenience that frees you from the daily effort of maintaining a hair-free look.
What is electrology and is it safe?
Electrolysis is the only method of hair removal approved by the FDA as permanent. The process is done by guiding a sterile ultra-fine needle into the natural opening of the hair follicle. A small amount of current is delivered into the follicle destroying the hair root ( or papilla). This gradual cellular destruction with the follicle impairs the follicle from producing another hair. This process is completely safe and has stood the test of time. Electrolysis has been performed since 1875. State of the art computerized equipment is used today. All electrologists in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are required to follow strict sanitation and sterilization procedures consistent with standards set by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention ). Disposable probes are used and gloves are worn.
What can I expect during my first visit?
The first visit will include a complimentary consultation to explain the process as well as go over your questions and concerns. We will fill out a case history card which will include your medical history. We will evaluate your case and set a treatment plan that tailors to your specific needs. After your treatment your skin may be slightly red. This is temporary and varies with individual skin types.
How much does it cost?
Cost Of Treatment Varies By Time:

15 Minutes - $25.00

30 Minutes - $40.00

45 Minutes - $50.00

1 Hour - $60.00

How long will it take?
Permanent results are achieved through a series of treatments. Continuity of treatments is the most important element of achieving permanent results. Factors such as age, previous temporary methods used, and thickness and density of hair are all factors. "Electrolysis is a commitment you make to yourself for yourself!"
Does it hurt?
Some people may experience minimal discomfort. There are topical anesthetics available to those that are sensitive.
Cash or checks accepted ?
Cash or checks are accepted.

Please no credit cards.

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